Allow Christianity in public schools

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    U.S. Congress, President of the United States
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Allow Christianity to be taught in public schools! If you would allow such ridiculous teachings such as evolution to be taught in our schools, then you need to put Christianity back into schools. Freedom of religion DOES NOT mean BANNING religion then allowing different concepts of religion/creation come into the system. It is ok to say we evolved from monkeys, but it is inexcusable to say we were created by God? It is sad to say that this country would indeed believe we came from nothing more than a monkey. Look around! The clouds, the oceans, space, and everything else. Where did it all come from? It came from God! Please open your eyes! It's time we Christians stood up and told the world, that despite if people don't believe in God, it still doesn't CHANGE the fact that he is God! (John 3:16)