No to Animal Experimentation in Israel Cosmetic Industry

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    National Council for Experimentation on Animal Subjects
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To: National Council for Experimentation on Animal Subjects

I agree that all animal testing in Israel for cosmetic purposes should be banned immediately. We already have hundreds of cosmetic and cleaning products on the market and to deliberately cause animals pain, suffering and ultimately death in order to produce yet more non-essential home care and cleaning products is morally, consciously and scientifically unjustifiable.

On January 15, 2007 a proposed amendment to a bill proposed by Likud MK Gideon Sa'ar that would have seen new legislative action taken to prevent experimentation on animals for the purposes of testing cosmetic or cleaning products was rejected by the Knesset.

I hereby put my name to this petition and strongly request that the Knesset re-review the amendment preventing using animals in testing of cosmetic and cleaning products and to take immediate measures to ensure the immediate cessation of the ongoing animal experimentation in Israel in this industry.

In addition, I put my name here in full support of a boycott against any Israeli product manufactured through animal testing and will hereby be choosing products which specifically state that no animal testing was done in their manufacture.