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Do NOT kill New Baltimore cats
The hamlet of New Baltimore decided to kill all the stray and feral cats, starting May 12th 2002. The reasons given are: overpopulation, health and safety issues and "there is no other solution"
For a 3 week period traps will be set all over town and any cat without collar will be euthanized immediately at the Mohawk River HS.

We urge you all to raise your voice for the ones who have no voice-the feral cats, who are for the longest time the target of uneducated people and laws that do not protect them, but make their killing a "compassionate" act-claiming those cats are better off dead, than living out there life's fed, sheltered and medically attended.

Please sign and pass on the petition-to the hamlet of New Baltimore and let them know the ONLY effective and humane solution:
Not to kill those cats but implementing a spay/neuter program for the ferals as well as their pet owners.