Petition to amend California's Three Strikes Law to apply only to violent crimes.

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Citizens Against Violent Crime is a California Political Action Committee dedicated to amending California's Three Strikes Law to apply only to violent crimes.

CAVC has filed an initiative, The Three Strikes Act of 2002, and is now raising funds to place the initiative on the November, 2002, general ballot. Please visit us at to discover why these great injustices must be changed in law and how you can participate.

The Three Strikes Act of 2002 will:

---Return the Three-Strikes law to what the voters originally intended - a law to keep violent criminals in prison, by amending the law to require mandatory increased sentences only when convictions are for a violent felony such as rape, robbery or murder.

---Preserve the original intent of the three-strikes law so that violent, dangerous criminals will continue to be punished harshly, with mandatory sentences of double-time for a second violent felony and 25 years-to-life for a third violent felony.

---Conform California's Three-Strikes law with those that are working well in 26 other states. Right now, California's law is the only one that applies to non-violent crimes.

---Allow prisoners now serving Three-Strikes sentences to apply for and receive a re-sentencing hearing and as many as 35,000 could qualify for one because their offense would no longer count as a strike.

---Save the state as much as 700 million dollars a year in prison operating costs, and more than a billion dollars for construction of new prisons.