Save VMK From Closing

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    Members of VMK Community
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We, the undersigned fans of the Disney Company's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK), would like to petition its creators and owners to reconsider closing VMK's virtual doors forever.

It is understood that VMK was created as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Disneyland, and that its life has been extended far beyond the original expectations. While we understand that VMK does not offer direct, tangible financial gains for the Walt Disney Company, it has created a new community of Disney enthusiasts who may not have had access to Disney by other avenues. VMK has become one of the most brilliant marketing strategies in the history of the Disney Company. Because of VMK, everyday people have come to know Disney in a new way. They have discovered other online games such as ToonTown, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Penguins, giving various groups of people exposure to the Disney Company. VMK may have been originally intended for young people aged 9 to 14, but it is a fact that all ages of people have created VMK characters and enjoyed the offerings of this wonderful virtual world - from toddlers to grandparents. And do not underestimate the countless hours spent by thousands of Disney park guest, completing quests for virtual prizes. Please do not undestimate the size and voice of the community of VMK fans.

We realize that the Walt Disney Company is a business, and a business must make money. If VMK cannot remain open because of the lack of direct financial gains, please consider keeping it open as a pay-to-play option. We, the undersigned, are willing to support this safe, fun and educational Massive Multi Player Online Game (MMPOG) monetarily, and we urge you to seriously consider this as an option to keep VMK up and running.

Don't close VMK! We are a community of people who have at least one thing in common - the love of Disney. Please consider continuing to allow us a place to come together, have fun, and share this common bond together.