How To Eliminate Corruption

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    Hon'ble President Of India
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It is an humble request to the Hon'ble President of India from "We the People of India."

Hon'ble Persident of India ,

Corruption in Offices and Harassement of "We the people of India" is rapidly increasing in the Country. This is due to the placement of Assisting Officers(those who get appointment in the same office in the same district and promotion in the same office) by Government Orders in their own City or District. If the Assisting Officers are Working Class in the same State they take advantage of Local or State Leaders of the District and gain their support for transfer in their home town as Assisting Officers.

When they come in their own District they become LION they apply their own Rules and Regulations by hiding Government Rules and Regulations in different Official Matters by decieving higher Officials.

For it , they prefer their juniors (the employees who were their juniors and friendly to them in the past in the same office same City or District) to work in different sections (wherever corruption may be promoted) of the offices by hiding honest working employees from their higher officers due to which corruption in the offices and harassement of "We the people of India" is continuously increasing.

Assisting Officers harass and exploit their juniors to whom they didn't like in the past and report continously about these juniors without any cause to higher Officials.

We don't need placement of Assisting Officers in their own City or District where they worked in the Past.

We don't need intereference of Political Body in Such Matters.

We need Software Programme(which will not be biased in matters of transfers) for Transfer of the Government Officials and Employees to reduce Corruption and Harassement of "We the people of India."

India is shining.

India will shine.

An alternative and ultimate solution for eliminating Expolitation , Harassement and Corruption is to change the Traditional Official System (it is like four caste system of Ancient India where because of exploitation , corruption and harassement , one section of 'We the people of India" became downtrodden now known as Scheduled Caste) which is promoting Slavery , Corruption ,Exploitation and Harassement of "We the People of India".

A request to Hon'ble Persident of India kindly Try of Initiate to Change Traditional Official System which creates differences among working class. Provide Equal Responsibility , Accountability and Powers to all working class in the country.

India will shine forever.