Dawson's Creek - The Movie

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    Kevin Williamson and the Outerbanks Production staff
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To the kind attention of Kevin Williamson and the whole staff at Outerbanks production
We are a group of young people who simply LOVE your work as the creator of Dawson s Creek. We have grown up with this show, and now that is over, wed want to see what is happened to the entire gang. We know how difficult is to make it happen, not only from the economic point of view. What we are asking for is just another opportunity to see our favourite characters on the screen.

In particular, were craving to see again the Pacey-Joey couple. What is happened in New York? They got married? Do you mean to let us know? Both the actors are AMAZING in their performance, not only in Dawsons Creek, but also in every movie they took part in after the end of the show.
So, what were suggesting is, in simple words, a movie about Dawson Creek. Other TV-series have had this privilege, and they are far from being beautiful as Dawsons Creek is. We bring to your attention examples like Sex and the City (its been filmed not so longer ago, it will be in theatres on Spring 2008) Miami Vice, Charlies Angels, Dallas, S.W.A.T, and we heard about making a movie based on Beautiful! So, please, put your best effort in this challenge! Your show deserves this treatment! Well be grateful to you for life.

If a movie its not possible, it would be great a Reunion episode too. Beverly Hills did a thing like that, and its been great!

Anyway, we hope not to have annoyed you with our requests. Dont be mad, just take it as a requests made with heart. After all, we just wanted to know if Dawsons Creek is still in your plans. Will you give us the opportunity to dream again? We hope you will.