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    Conde Nast
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Dear Condй Nast,

In light of your recent decision to close Gourmet Magazine, the readers and fans would like you to reconsider your position and save the magazine. We, the signers, believe Condй Nast should focus on the people and not just the profits. Food is an event that should be celebrated. Gourmet magazine has provided a thoughtful, artistic, and intelligent manner for people to venture out with food in a meaningful way that goes beyond $10 dinners, fast food, and quick meals. This magazine has been a wonderful place for those of us curious about cuisine and world cultures. Gourmet is a tradition and mainstay for nearly one million people. There has to be a way to save the 68 year old icon so many of us have come to enjoy and relish.

We passionately and strongly ask you to reconsider closing the magazine and to keep fueling America's love affair with food.