Moratorium on ICE Raids

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    Senators Kennedy and Kerry, and James Hayes the Director of ICE in Washington DC
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    The Arlington Street Church and over 15 sponsoring organizations in Massachusetts
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We the undersigned urge you to declare a moratorium on immigration raids in the United States, until our nation can implement a comprehensive and just reform of our immigration laws. It is our hope that such reform will make immigration raids obsolete. Until then, we believe that raids on the immigrant community are unjust, unnecessary, and counter-productive.

As citizens we understand and support the need to apprehend and arrest individuals who are responsible for felonies and other serious crimes. The enforcement of just laws is necessary for public safety and the common good. But the arrest of serious criminals is not what we have observed and heard about in the arrest and detention of immigrants in Massachusetts, and in other states around the country.

What we have witnessed is that the police action of ICE against immigrants has divided the community, instilled fear in our streets, disrupted the everyday life of good people and separated family members, innocent of any crime, from one another. The confusing and secretive detention of those arrested has further complicated the situation. As citizens concerned for our people we would be negligent of our pastoral duties if we didn't speak out against these unjust government policies and practices.