Pay The National Debt Fund on 1040 Tax Form

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The United States of America economy is collapsing with the National Debt only increasing. "We The People" feel the need to intervene as it seems parts of the government isn't listening to us or seeking our best interests. "We The People" seek to intervene in our solution to the National Debt and hope that Congress pays attention to our needs clearly! In wishing to give a donation on our Income Taxes to "The National Debt" that "We The People" file yearly, Congress must promise to pass a bill to have the I.R.S. put on our 1040 tax forms the ability to pay towards the "Pay The National Debt Fund". This is just our way of showing that "America" was established by the people, strenghten by the people, and once lead by the people. We expect history to rejuvenate itself in order to have this occur again. We seek indepedence, to be heard, and to show the true tributes of America...Trust, Freedom, Unity & Justice for All! We expect you, our government to hear us and to see we are trying to save our country..and expect you to do so NOW! Care about our land, not about greed, care about stabalizing our country..not about selling it off to others, care about our next generation..not end it with total corruption. "WE THE PEOPLE" have made this monetary amount from " high yeild interests" of money we shared in a national bank account that was designated to pay "The National Debt" annually and if we can do this, the United States Government can do show us. America The Beautiful....God Bless America.