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to all animation fans,

In 1999, Columbia Tri-Star International Television (now known as Sony Pictures Television International) produced a 65 episode TV series called TOTALLY TOONED IN.

The series was created by Executive Producer Rob Word, who had noted that Columbia's library of classic Mr. Magoo cartoons was not being fully utilized. Word contacted Jerry Beck (famous animation historian) who helped coordinate the programming of episodes, combining Columbia's "Screen Gems" color cartoons of the 1930s and 40s with its 1950s UPA library.
The series was sold with Mr. Magoo as the star, but there were only 52 Mr. Magoo cartoons - thus 13 episodes contain a Magoo repeat. While Columbia owns the Mr. Magoo cartoons, it had no right to use "Mr. Magoo's" name in the show's title--so Word coined the name "TOTALLY TOONED IN" and created a three cartoon format and interstital sequences to package the series into 65 episodes.
Columbia's film restoration department scoured its film vaults to locate the negatives to these cartoons and restored them on film & video at the highest quality possible. Not all the Screen Gems cartoons, nor all the UPA cartoons, were used in the 65 episodes.

TOTALLY TOONED IN has been syndicated around the world - but has not appeared on U.S. television. Cartoon Network was negotiating with Columbia for it, but the status of those negotiations is unknown.
i'd like to see this program It's sitting on Columbia's shelf, ready to go, collecting dust.
So after the big success of collector's edition of looney tunes and walt disney cartoons why sony does not make them available in dvd boxed sets?they own a great animation library,with some of the milestones in animation history like gerald mcboing boing,thetell tale hearth,the fox and the grapes and they're ignoring it!
i hope that many people will sign this petition to induce the nice people at sony to realize their cartoons in dvd.

Andrea Ippoliti