Petition to request that Yahoo Inc reconsider their decision to charge fees for pop mail, groups, and homepages

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    Yahoo, Inc
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    The users of Yahoo, Inc's various services
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Dear Yahoo! Management,

We, the undersigned, are signing this petition to protest the new Yahoo pricing structure in relation to several of the services most popular features such as Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Mail, and GeoCities. While we agree and understand that it is the primary goal of any company, including Yahoo, to expand their services and to make money, we feel that Yahoo is deliberately targeting users who have no choice or option in using Yahoo services. Yahoo Clubs, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Mail, and GeoCities are all services that, once signed up for and established, are very difficult and extremely inconvenient to migrate from Yahoo to another service. We believe that Yahoo is deliberately targeting these users in total disregard to our needs and desires.

We would like to strongly encourage the management of Yahoo, Inc to reconsider their pricing structure for these services and consider continuing the current structure of Yahoo as supported primarily by advertising.