Repeal Pistol Registration in Clark County, NV

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    Clark County Commissioners
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The people of Clark County, NV desire to have repealed Clark County Ordinances 12.04.110 and 12.04.200 requiring pistol registration by residents and visitors who stay longer than 60 days.

Pistol registration has long been criticized as a flawed process, since the only ones who register their pistols are the law-abiding. In Canada, where gun registration has been required for decades:

"The government has admitted on three separate occasions . . . that since handgun registration was implemented in 1934, not one single crime in Canada has been solved using the national pistol registry. --MP Garry Breitkreuz"

In 70 years, Canada has failed to solve one single crime using the pistol registry. The cost to the government and the burden on the people can hardly be justified by such a system.

Here in Clark County, pistol registration is opposed by the people, gun owners, gun store, freedom lovers, just about everyone. In fact, the only organization who desires to maintain gun registration is the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.

No other County in the state of Nevada has implemented pistol registration, and the voice of the people has been heard loud and clear - statewide preemption prevents other Counties from ever establishing such a system. Here in Clark County, pistol registration has been twice grandfathered in at the request of the LVMPD, the only organization to support it.

The LVMPD has a history and pattern of abuse by using pistol registration against law abiding citizens. In many cases, simple traffic stops turn into intense and abusive interrogations upon the driver because he admits having a pistol in the vehicle, but fails to produce the blue card, which is not required to be carried with the pistol! Police have also used the ordinance to confiscate weapons from citizens whose sole "crime" is failing to register. The registration scheme is a useless burden upon the citizens, the impact of which is far more harm than any good the system promises.

The people of Clark County are tired of being treated like second class citizens. The people of the State of Nevada enjoy freedom from this system, and the people of Clark County now demand this freedom as well.

We urge you to repeal pistol registration immediately.