Need for Changes in the Sport of Boxing

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    Senator John McCain
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I am proposing to start a petition that will let those in charge know that we the boxing fans want changes; a petition that will let boxers know that we are behind them, and a petition that will hopefully get enough support to bring about some real changes.

You may think perhaps... What can a single petition accomplish? Well what you forget is that we the fans are the ones in control. It is us who buy tickets to fights, who watch boxing matches on TV, and who willingly give our hard earned money away for a chance to see a good fight. Those who are profiting on underpaid and mistreated boxers would like us to think that there is nothing we can do to change things. Well I dont know if this petition will be a success but I will certainly like to give it a try. It beats sitting there and complaining incessantly about the injustice being done to boxers and the degradation of this noble sport in general.

So I urge you to join me and let everyone know how we feel. Its ok to complain about injustice in general, but it is much nobler to stand up and try to do something about it. All you need to do is follow the instructions and add your name to this petition. And yes your participation does count, every single person who writes down his or her name counts. Maybe this petition will bring much needed changes or maybe it will just be the start of something much bigger. Either way we need your participation because in the end, believe it or not, it is all in your hands. The future of boxing is up to you!

If you think there is a need for change in the sport of boxing please add your name to this petition.