Hallmark Pregnancy, Infant, and Child Loss Cards

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I am starting a petition for Hallmark to include Pregnancy, Infant, and Child Loss cards in their collection. It has been brought to my attention that a few people have seen a couple cards in Hallmark for losing a child. But there are MANY people, including myself, who have never found anything like that. Bereaved parents and loved ones need comfort on special days, especially Mothers Day and Fathers Day. There are no cards for bereaved parents on those days. A simple card for them would mean so much. Especially when they have no living children and people dont see them as mothers or fathers because they have no children on earth. But they are parents, whether their child/ren run or soar. They love to have others recognize them as mothers and fathers. And they love to have others speak of their child/ren. To have a baby/ child remembered on special days, such as their birthday, date of passing (angel day), and due date (if they were born too soon) means so much to bereaved parents. And being recognized as being a parent on mothers and fathers day is very special. But there are no cards for them. So they feel as once again they are not seen as parents, as they wander through the card aisle tearfully searching for a card for their own loved one. We are not asking for complex, intricate cards. We are asking for simply stated cards. Some examples could be:

For First Mothers/Fathers Day without there baby/child/ren:
~I know how hard it must be not having your angel here with you today celebrating your First Mothers/Fathers Day. Wishing you a Happy Mothers/Fathers Day as your angel looks down from above~

For a Angels Birthday (to parent)
~Thinking of you on your angels birthday. May you feel their presence with you today and always~

For an Angels Birthday (to the angel)
~Wishing you a Happy Heavenly Birthday! I pray your birthday was as wonderful as it could be!~

For an Angels Angel Day (date of death)
~Thinking of you on your angels Angel Day. May the day be gentle to you~

For a Due Date
~Thinking of you on your due date. May your angel fly close to you and wrap their wings around you in comfort~

For just losing a baby/child
~Sending condolences in your time of grief. Their time on earth was short but their memory will live on~

These are just some suggestions, not a full card. There may be a little quote or words of comfort before of after these examples of lines for the card. These were just to show how simply stated words can be to give comfort.

I am trying to collect signatures to show hallmark just how important it would be to have these cards readily available in their stores for loved ones and friends to give to bereaved parents in their time of need. I feel if they just knew how much support was behind this that they may be encouraged enough to include these cards in their collection.

I am a bereaved mother myself and I know just how important this is. I know many other women who feel the same way.

If you would please sign your name to the petition you can be helping many bereaved parents get the comfort and supporting words they need so dearly in times of grief.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my petition. Please take the same time to add your name~

Stephanie Brannan
Mommy to ~Adriana~ and Omar
~Adriana Marie~ born at 38 weeks, December 24, 2001, lived one hour, Adriana had Trisomy 18
Omar Xavier, born at 39 weeks, June 8, 2004, watched over by his big sister