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Save the Knitty Gritty Show

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    Scripps / DIY
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    The knitting Community
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We are a large group of knitters ,requesting that Scripps / DIY pick up Knitty Gritty for another season and that they air said show at a decent time slot during the day.

Miss Howell does an excellent job as well as inspires many new knitters. She has also brought many back to the craft. We are hoping that you will bring her back as well as the shows hostess. This show has shown many how to do different techniques and has helped expand the knitting world.

You will be losing a large portion of your viewing audience by keeping this show on between the hours of 2:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. , depending on where in the country it is seen.

For alot of us , the only reason we have the DIY channel is to see woman's craft shows like Knitty Gritty. If there is not going to be a change , then why pay for the channel. Not everyone has Tivo.

We are asking your programming department to reconsider their position on this matter.