Save Ontario's Pitbulls!!

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    Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant
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Dear Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant,

We the undersigned are submitting to you this petition to keep the "pit-bull" breeds within our communities.

We the people believe that this breed should NOT be banned however we do believe that something definitely needs to be done. The statistics for the last ten years have included breeds of Great Danes, Rottweilers, German shepherds, huskies, malamutes, Dobermans, chow chows, St. Bernards, Akitas and pit bulls.

We the people believe that all "pit-bull" breeds including the American Staffordshire Terrier, The Staffordshire Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier and those dogs who have been mixed with the above, should have owner regulation laws. With the owner regulation laws the breed is not banned, however it would make it that much more difficult to actually own the breed itself.

We the people also believe that with these owner regulation laws the owners of such breeds will have to contribute to the following: mandatory spay/neuter by 10 months of age, liability insurance, mandatory licensing within the city and/or with the province of Ontario and/or the country of Canada at a higher fixed rate then others, muzzling in public areas, yearly temperament testing of such dog, age limitation laws to place limitations on the age of the owners who own such breeds, mandatory training with reputable trainers in the area, and so forth.

We the people believe that should these breeds become banned that people will put forth more effort to own these illegal breeds which will cause more issues then having breed specific regulation laws.

When there is set legislature that is strictly governed, we believe this will decrease the risk of attacks and decrease the risks of those irresponsible people of the public who will try to own the breed whether it is illegal or not.

We the people believe that no breed of dog is naturally aggressive, we fully understand what the breed's original purpose (this including bull baiting, ratting and "pit" fighting) is, and we believe that something should definitely be done to try and correct this. Owners or potential owners should be fully educated about said breeds and the onus should be on the breeders of said dog to ensure he/she is selling to a responsible person.

In closing, we the people believe that it isnt the breed of dog that needs to be banned, but more so specific owners of said dogs.

Murder is not the answer Mr. Bryant

Please also keep this quote in mind. Taken from Tony Harman of the Northern Districts Bull Terrier Club of NSW Inc. "Unfortunately, a large part of the general public is still prejudiced against the breed because of its heritage. It is worth reminding people that dogs of the past fought and killed because MAN wanted them to be fighters and killers."


The People of Ontario