Bill get well soon, TH we support you!

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    Bill Kaulitz, Tokio Hotel
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So this is what we ask your attention for!

As some of you may already know, our dearly beloved Bill is ill, again. Two shows have been cancelled already.

As you may also know, this isnt the first time he is ill. Bill is struck by Laryngitis, that exist in 2 forms, chronically or acute. Its an inflammation in your throat which causes a hoarse voice and a lot of pain. But if you get a treatment for it, it can be cured and that is what we want for Bill.

Of course we, as fans, dont want it to get worse and worse. So with this petition we want to make clear that we wish for Bill to fully recover and to feel well again. We want him to take enough rest to recover fully before he goes back on stage for us again.

Also we want to let Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav know, that we are here for them as real fans, that we are also here when they are ill or if they choose for their own health at times. To show that we understand that they are only human and that we support them no matter what.

With this petition, we want to say, that Bill has to get enough time to rest, and to let him and the band know that we care and that we hope it won't get worse.

If you want to show your support to Bill and the other boys in Tokio Hotel, then please sign this petition.