Please Help Louis Mangione

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This is for Louis Christopher Mnagione. He was convicted of Capital murder when he was fifteen. He was with three other teenagers that did do this terrible crime but did not do anything to kill this person.The only two choices that the jury had was death or lwop. He deserves to have a chance to be heard. They even proved in court that there was no D.N.A. on his clothes and the others in the crime said he didn't take part in it that it's more of a guilty by association plea. they said if he went to the police when it happened he would have been a witness not a suspect, but he was a scared boy that made a wrong decision. If anyone knows of any angles we can take to get his name out there to anyone who will listen and realize that he is more than just a number in the system. He's a son, a friend, a boyfriend, just an all around great person that has done 13 years for not telling on his friends. Thanks in advance for any help I can get.