Badly Influenced & Unfair Portrail of Jo O'Meara On CBB.

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Badly Influenced & Unfair Portrail of Jo O'Meara On CBB.

We believe Jo O'Meara is a victim and suffering badly from an extremely unfair portrail from Big Brother. It seems she is being heavily influenced by two other housemates in particular, Jade and Danielle. Jo seems to be trying hard to be everyones friend as there is nothing she hates more than conflict, however because of this she is being seen as part of a 'gang' who are making racial and bully-like comments towards Shilpa Shetty. We have witnessed Jo stand up for Shilpa, but also be dragged into Jade and Danielles bitching conversations, in which she doesnt seem to say anything (to avoid conflict with them) except look as though she is agreeing. She is now being seen as part of this gang by the outside world and this is just not her! The two things in life Jo is most against is racism and bullying. She has suffered herself in her younger years from bullying and would never dream of doing it to another. As for racist, this she is definatly not as some of her own family are of the Indian origin.

Alot of this is also due to BB's horrific editing in which they seem to only want to show the bad of Jo and have missed out on showing countless good and fun times she's had, and this is affecting peoples views on Jo.

As for recent events where she has been accused of impersonating Shilpa. Many of us witnessed this on the live feed and it was all in good humour with Shilpa herself. It was not done nastily behind her back and Shilpa was not fazed by it at all.

Lastly, we do not condone the recent comment said by Jo at all, as it was extremely OUT of character for her and she does not seem to realise what she has said and the impact it can have. People close to Jo have admitted it is very unlike her and can see she has been heavily influenced and definatly spoke before thinking.

If BB were fair on their editing of Jo and showed her positive comments, laughter, and entertainment and got rid of Jade Goody and Danielle -to avoid Jo being dragged in to any of their petty little sessions again- we guarantee you WILL see the real genuine Jo.

We just hope for her sake she manages to pull away from this group before its too late.