Renewable One-Year Visa for TEFL Teachers

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    The Senate on Foreign Relations Committee
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To the Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Chairman
the Honorable Richard G. Lugar, Indiana
the Honorable Christopher J. Dodd, Connecticut
the Honorable John F. Kerry, Massachusetts
the Honorable Russell D. Feingold, Wisconsin
the Honorable Barbara Boxer, California
the Honorable Bill Nelson, Florida
the Honorable Barack Obama, Illinois
the Honorable Robert Menendez, New Jersey
the Honorable Benjamin L. Cardin, Maryland
the Honorable Robert P. Casey Jr., Pennsylvania
the Honorable Jim Webb, Virginia
the Honorable Chuck Hagel, Nebraska
the Honorable Norm Coleman, Minnesota
the Honorable Bob Corker, Tennessee
the Honorable John E. Sununu, New Hampshire
the Honorable George V. Voinovich, Ohio
the Honorable Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
the Honorable Jim DeMint, South Carolina
the Honorable Johnny Isakson, Georgia
the Honorable David Vitter, Louisiana

As American English is rapidly becoming the language of business worldwide, the demand for native speakers to teach American English is also on the rise.

We, the undersigned wish to teach English abroad, legally. We would like for the U.S. Government to work with the EU Council to create a renewable one-year visa for teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

The visa holder should have at least a 2-year Associates of Arts Degree and must be TEFL or CELTA certified from an accredited institution, and at least 18 years of age. The visa will require an employment contract, and proof thereof.

The visa will enable the teacher to obtain a residence visa that will also be renewable.