Take Back Al Gore's Oscar

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    Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
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In the past, numerous scientists have claimed that global warming experienced in the 20th & 21st century have nothing to do with man-made carbon dioxide. Isnt that your claim? We think Al Gore a great imposter because he comes-off as a person who cares for the environment, but in reality he saw an opportunity to make mega-cash by fooling people into believing in something that was not true. The latest scandal has proved that. What the Earth is currently going through is not caused by anything that is man-made, but a cycle that the Earth goes through every X amount of years.

He recently canceled his trip to Copenhagen to speak on the dangers of global warming on the heels of Climategate. Emails recently leaked have proven that global warming has been a major fabrication all along. Scientists are stepping down left and right. Climategate has opened Pandoras box and has proven that global warming will go down as the greatest scam in history.

Based on all the information listed above, we ask that the Academy rescind Al Gores Oscar that was given to him for his documentary The Inconvenient Truth in 2007.