Ban The Vuvuzela From World Cup 2010

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Dear Fans

We the undersigned will not be watching Fifa's World Cup 2010 held in South Africa.

Why? In one word: NOISE!

For the countless fans who were eagerly planning on watching the 2010 World Cup and have tuned in for the first couple of matches only to find the indiscriminate and incessant noise of the hallowed vuvuzela too much to bear.

We will also be actively requesting as many people as possible not to watch World Cup 2010 nor support any initiatives promoting it.

This petition is being submitted as a form of protest to Fifa.

If you support this campaign to ban the vuvuzela on the grounds that it adds nothing to the unique atmosphere as proposed and actually takes something away from the action by suppressing the genuine excitement from the crowd, then please do not hesitate to post the link to this campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank You