2012 in IMAX

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    Centropolis Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Farewell Productions
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To all those concerned, in particular; Sony Pictures Entertainment and Centropolis Entertainment,

Not too long ago, a trailer, for promotional purposes, of the movie "2012" caught my interest. With stunning visuals and cutting edge CGI, I was blown away by the intensity and beauty of the depiction of the disastrous scenes, manifested merely in 720p. After doing some research on the movie, and speaking with several of my friends and online contacts, I concluded that an IMAX (3D?) variant of this movie would do the up and coming piece, set for a late 2009 release, great justice. Many others, with me, share this thought, thus, this petition shall withhold the expression of our enthusiasm for the movie, and our willingness to go and see this movie in an IMAX theatre, so that this movie may be one to remember for every single one of the undersigned.

We would like to see "2012" in IMAX.