Electoral College Removal

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This petition is to bring attention that the Electoral College needs to be removed from future elections.

In the 1800s the Electoral College was a required segment of our election process. Being that candidates could not travel to all parts of the country to campaign for their respective office. In todays election process the Electoral College is an antique of history that could very easily jeopardize the fabric of our
Government and election process.

The President of the united states should be elected by popular vote not the vote of a few. This in turn would allow all states to be involved in the process in that some states would not be considered key states. All states would be considered key states and give equal voice to the people in each state. The Electoral College prevents this in that a president can be put into office with out winning the popular vote. Which would mean that a majority of voters would not have equal say in the election processes.

Remove the Electoral College from the presidential voting process and allow all Americans the opportunity to vote and elect a president of their choice.