Nick Abbot as Full-Time Presenter

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This petition calls for the recognition of radio presenter, Nick Abbot by LBC radio. Nick Abbot has been a radio presenter for over twenty years in the UK. His many loyal fans are continually disillusioned by LBCs practice of offering regular slots at their station to outside presenters while relegating Nick Abbot to an ill-timed show once a week.

We, the undersigned, feel that it is past due for Nick Abbot to be reinstated as a full-time presenter at LBC radio and be offered a daily show. Nick Abbot's career on the UK's airwaves has been both long and influential. He has many listeners and fans around the world that would enjoy having him on the air more frequently. We ask that you take all of these things into account and reconsider wasting (in our opinion) one of your finest talents and useful resources. Thank you.