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The Anti Pausing Making of Digimon Committee.(A.P.M.D.)

Friday, December 27, 2002

A few days ago, Toei Animation, the monster makers of Digimon: Digital Monsters announced that Digimon Season 4(Digimon Frontier) will be the last of Digimon. It has shocked many viewers and fans worldwide. Toei Anime planned to continue Digimon until Season 7! But now, even a Season 5 would be great!

We need your help to convince Toei Animation to continue Digimon. Our goal here is for them to make Season 5 and to make the second Digimon Movie and that these will be shown worldwide, not just Japan.

By signing this petition, we are one step closer to making this come true...

Please, we need your help, we need you to spread the word about this petition to every Digimon website and fan to come sign this petition.

"The fate of the Digital World lays on our hands!"- Digimon Forever, A.P.M.D.