Jordan's One Strike Law against Pedophiles

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    J. Dennis Hastert- U.S. Speaker of the House and U.S. Congress
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Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.
Benjamin Franklin

National Pedophile Petition

This petition is in direct response to the outraged citizens of the United States of America regarding Pedophilia, people who abduct our children, and anyone who causes harm to our children.

We, the undersigned, want a new law for our precious children called :

JORDANS ONE STRIKE LAW for Convicted Pedophiles

If a person knowingly commits a crime against an innocent child, that person will be put in jail for life. No plea-bargaining, no nonsense. Lets show these predators that our children come FIRST. Dont let a pedophile do this to another child and ruin a second childs life too.

Mandatory sentencing of these predators is the ONLY solution. Research has shown pedophiles as having reached an average of 300-2000 child victims in their lifetime. Give parents and children the PEACE OF MIND they are looking for. THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW !

We URGE our Government officials to enact a law NOW. Every day that this law is not enacted, many children have already become victims.