Justice for Darlie Routier

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    Mr. George W. Bush
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    folks seeking justice for Darlie Routier
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Darlie Routier is a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a death row inmate in Texas. She is also an innocent death row inmate. She was convicted of killing two of her three children in a murder supposedly motivated by the fact that the kids were interfering with Ms Routiers lifestyle. Her husband, and other son were asleep upstairs at the time of the crime and were not attacked. The prosecution painted a compelling picture of guilt based upon the reported inconsistencies concerning physical evidence versus Ms Routiers accounting of an intruder's attack upon her and her children, and was successful in getting a conviction. Ms Routier was sentenced to death. Subsequent examination of the trial revealed 33,000 documented trial errors, lost transcripts, re assembled transcripts of questionable accuracy, discussion of filing fraud charges against a stenographer. Many questions about the validity of presented evidence as well as the litigation process itself began to emerge. Significant questions, such as: why was video footage, damning in nature, introduced at trial while other footage, taken at the same time and was exculpatory in nature, not introduced; Why did police witnesses take the fifth amendment during testimony about that secretly obtained video evidence. One juror has even claimed that, during deliberations, he did not see photo's of the badly battered body of Ms Routier which show massive bruising on inside of her forearms suggestive of an attempt to ward off an intruders attack. There are conflicting statements concerning whether those photos were even introduced to the jury(Source of preceding: Fox 4 News coverage, and 20/20 T.V. segment concerning this issue). Many of those who thought Ms Routier to be guilty before and during the trial now insist that she is innocent, including at least one author of the three books written about the case. To many people, including the author of this petition, there is no doubt that Ms Routier is innocent, while some are convinced that she is guilty. It is the supposition of this petitioner that regardless of either opinion it is breathtakingly clear that the case against Ms Routier is fundamentally flawed as evidenced by the astonishing events and facts assimilated after the original conviction of Ms Routier, and that the outcome of that trial must be overturned. It is in that hope that the following signatures are compiled with the intention of asking the Governor of Texas, Mr. George W. Bush, to overturn, reverse, pardon, or grant clemency to Ms. Routier, prisoner ID# 999220 with respect to these matters. Respectfully submitted.