Bring Back Two Guys and a Girl

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We, true fans of the programme "Two Guys and a Girl", would like to ask for only a few minutes of your time to take a look through this petition. We are well aware of the many comments and complaints you may have received in regard to the cancellation of the show, and so this petition has been constructed as much more of a plea than a rude and harsh list of demands. In this way we appeal to you, as rudeness or harshness of any kind, we understand, will benefit nobody.

Fans were, admittedly, distraught at the cancellation of the show. However, although we would love for the show to be renewed, we realise the unlikeliness of this happening. The ending of the show was also a great disappointment to many fans, who need closure (regarding the "Pete and Ashley situation").

Therefore, we, the undersigned, agree upon three main ideals that form the core of this petition: Firstly, we would love for the show to be renewed and continued for at least another season. Secondly, if the series is not to be renewed, we truly desire some form of closure; if this is not to happen in the form of a new season, perhaps a feature-length show, movie or bonus episode could be created. Thirdly, we all adore the show and would love to be able to purchase the entire series either on video or DVD. Although this is not yet available, we would hope that the series could be released on video or dvd for all fans to buy. If the show cannot be renewed, we would at least like to treasure its past.

Please do not dismiss this petition as a fruitless plea. Star Trek, for example, was cancelled before even one season, yet the constant pleas and persuasion of diehard fans convinced producers to continue making it. And look at it now.

Overall, our main plea would be for some sort of closure; for the loose ends to be tied up. We would obviously prefer this to be in the form of a new series but, if this is not possible, would still ask for closure in any other way possible. (Not to belittle our request for the series on video or DVD, of course.)

Thank you so much for taking the time to hear us out. We truly hope that this petition will not be in vain.

Therefore, those signed below agree to the entirety of this Petition Statement. Many thanks again for your time.