Present Tupac "2pac" Shakur a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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    Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Walk of Fame Selection Committee
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    Outlaw Order org
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We are committed on getting Tupac Shakur a posthumous star on the Hollywood walk of fame . It would be a fitting tribute to a modern day legend who passed before his time. We will officially present this petition to members of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as well as the honorary major of Hollywood Mr. Johnny Grant who is the head of the Hollywood Walk of Fame selection committee.Tupac Shakur known to millions of fans worldwide as 2pac was a true modern day icon.As far as popularity Tupac Shakur can easily be placed under the same category as Elvis Preslley. 2pac accomplished so much in the music industry and in entertainment in general that even nine years after his untimely death he still a remains a power full presence in society. Besides selling countless number of records and breaking worldwide marks for music sales 2pac also left a lasting impact on society. His poems, and musical work have been studied in various schools with courses on 2pac being taught in numerous colleges ranging from UC Berkley in Northern California, to the University of Florida, and the historic Morehouse college in Gerogia. It would take twenty plus pages + to list all of 2pac's accomplishments as a power full entertainer and a beloved human being. We encourage all members of the rap communitty to step up partcipate and spread the word. This pettion and moveemnt to get Tupac Shakur a much deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is being organaized by Muszamil a protege of the late Tupac Shakur and a member of his extended family. We thank you all for participating and for your support.