Ratify UN Convention Against Corruption

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    Dr. Manmoahn Singh, Prime Minister of India, New Delhi
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Petition for Ratification of UN Convention Against Corruption

Dear Dr. Singh,

On one hand, as per the United Nations Food Programs recent findings, India has half the worlds hungry and 47\% of its children below five years suffer from malnutrition, on the other the countrys corrupt and criminals have reportedly stashed more than a trillion US dollars in banks in Switzerland, Channel islands, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other tax havens. Recovery of those stolen assets is absolutely essential if our otherwise resource-starved country has to launch a comprehensive poverty removal campaign and make an unqualified success of it. Here, the U. N. Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), which, for the first time in the history, provides for an international legal framework for cross-border recovery of stolen assets, would have helped.

Quite inexplicably, however, the Indian government has not yet ratified the Convention, though it signed it way back on the 9th December 2005. We request you to please now make amends by ratifying the UNCAC immediately. Under the Indian Constitution, the executive can ratify the international treaties and conventions without taking the matter to Parliament, the Lok Sabhas not being in session, therefore, should not come in the way.

Thanking you and with best regards,