Petition for the closure of the Angeles Prostitution slave camps!

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This is a worldwide petition calling on the Philippine government to close the prostitution slave camps of Angeles, Philippines.

A woman or Child is raped or killed on average every six seconds in Angeles City, Philippines.
An estimated 150,000 girls work in Angeles City, Philippines as prostitutes, of that about 30,000 are girls as young as six years of age. Despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in Angeles not one person has been convicted of this crime.

The prostitution trade is controlled by foreign gangs who rake in millions while the girls suffer on a bowl of rice a day. Young girls are forced to work up to twenty hours a day and are expected to sevice up to 100 customers a week. Most of the gangs that run the prostitution trade are foreigners. They pay off corrupt police, military and city hall officials. The girls are locked away to sleep watched over by armed security gaurds who carry batons, electric prods and shotguns.

The buildings are surrounded by razor wire as used in prisons. The average life expectancy of a bar girl is 25 The gangs control prostitution, drugs, extortion, gun running, paedophile movies and a host of other criminal activities. Anyone who speaks out is quickly disposed of by the gangs.

Ning-Ning was just 16 years old when she was taken from her province by the prostitution crime gangs of Angeles City, Philipines. "They put me in a dark room with dozens of other young girls. Everyone was coughing and sick. You were not allowed to talk or the gaurds would beat you. They forced you to service up to 20 customers a day. You were only allowed a few hours sleep. If you were lucky they fed you some stale rice with water. When you slept they chained you to the bed. After what I think was a few months I got sick. They decided to get rid of me one night. They drove me to near the base of Mt Pinatubo. They walked me to the edge of a cliff of a dried up river. As they got there gun I just decided to jump. I dont know how but I survived the fall. They thought I was dead and I heard them laughing. I think I was there for two days unable to move. I was rescued by a local who took me to his house and his family took care of me. When I was feeling better they sent me back to my province. I heard later that when the gangs found out what happened they tortured and killed the family". Ning-Ning is now 20 and is a Human Rights Campaigner fighting for the closure of the prostitution slave camps in Angeles City, Philipines.

In Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philipines there is a place that from the outside it looks like a multi storey restaurant. But when you see security gaurds with shotguns and batons patrolling the outside of the building you know something else is going on inside. Sure there is a restaurant and billiard room, but the main business of this place is something else. Upstairs are small rooms no bigger than your toilet. There are no windows in these rooms and no fresh air. Inside these rooms are young women chained to beds. These women are forced to service dozens of customers every day. They never see the daylight, never know the time, never know friends or family. Most of the girls working in these rooms never make it out alive.

Anita was just eleven years old when she was kidnapped by the crime gangs of Angeles city, Philipines. "They put me in the boot of their car and put a cloth bag over my head. I was there for a long time. Finally we arrived at this place where they took me inside and put me in a room with other girls. The room was dark, we were chained to the wall and not allowed to speak. There were white men with guns and gaurd dogs. One day this white man named Jake came and paid some money for me and some other girls. I was taken to a room. They stripped me naked and I was strapped to a table. I was crying, I missed my Mummy. I wanted to go home. This other white man came in. He just sat and stared at me a long time. Then he lit a cigarette, then he stuck the cigarette in my right eye. I was screaming and crying, but he enjoyed it. He kept lighting cigarettes and burning my body. I passed out but they woke me and the torture continued. This went on for hours. Then it stopped and the man left. Jake got me and put me in the boot of a car. He drove to the bush and took me from the car. He starting punching me in the face and on my body. Then he got a knife and cut my throat and wrists. He left me for dead and drove away. When I woke it was daylight and hot. I walked till I came to a house. They took me to the Doctor. I was blind in one eye, broken ribs, broken jaw, internal bleeding, burns to 92\% of my body. After the Doctor sent me back to my family. He was scared and told me never to come back to Angeles". Anita now goes to school but is blind in one eye and has nightmares. She worries the gangs will come back for her.

In the last twenty years in Angeles City, Philippines more than 300,000 women and children have died in the prostitution death camps of Angeles.

Despite the atrocities that are happening in Angeles there is very little said in the outside world. Their operations include prostitution, paedopillia, money laundering, gun running, kidnap, snuff movies, extortion, drugs and a range of other criminal activities. It is estimated by Human Rights workers that the gangs rake in as much as $100 million a month through their criminal activities. Anyone who dares speak out about what is happening in Angeles takes the risk of a contract being placed on their life. Most of the families who lived in Angeles have long since abandoned their homes. The few who remain live in fear.

The gangs are mostly made up of Australians, Americans and British. As of late the Russian mafia has also joined forces. The gangs use the name "Vorskii Mir", which translated means "The World of Criminals". They have developed strong ties also with the Japanese Yakusa, Chinese Triads, KLA and Sicilian Mafia. In the Philippines it is estimated 30\% of all business pay protection money to the gangs.

The gangs pay "Bounty Hunters" large amounts of money to kidnapp women and children from surrounding provinces to work in the death camps. When parents come to Angeles looking for their kidnapped children they are warned off by the gangs. Their is no-one to complain to as the police work for the gangs. The customers of these prostitution death camps come from all over the world. Angeles now has the distinction of being the paedophille capitol of the world.

When 12 year old Merna waved goodbye to her mother as she left for school she had no idea it would be the last time they saw each other. On the way to schooll, little 12 year old merna was kidnapped by bounty hunters who work for the prostitution crime gangs of Angeles, Philippines. When Merna didnt arrive home from school her mother and the local towns people knew what had happened. In the last few months several children had already went missing. Mernas mother was warned not to go to Angeles searching for her daughter, but she went anyway. She then made the mistake of going to the Angeles police, who are on the payroll of the prostitution gangs. They turned her over to the gangs who tortured and killed her. Her dead body was then dumped in the main street of her province as a warning to others. Little 12 year old Merna was locked in a room no bigger then your toilet. Here she was chained to a wall and feed only a bowl of rice a day. She was watched over by armed security gaurds who carried batons , electric prods and shotguns. Attack gaurd dogs were also used. She was kept in a building on Fields Ave , Angeles were little 12 year old Merna was forced to service up to 20 customers a day. If she didnt meet her quota she was bashed and often tortured with electric shock.

Merna was eventually rescued by the Angeles Child Rescue Organization. A group of concerned citizens of Angeles , Philippines who are fighting to have the prostitution death camps closed. Saddly they are fighting a losing battle.

The bodies of these dead women and children are dumped in the fields. An area now known as the "Killing Fields of Angeles, Philippines". Often families will go there in search of their dead children, only to be turned away by the corrupt military who are on the payroll of the gangs. The gangs burn the dead bodies of women and children. Their ashes are dumped in the river and corrupt government officials remove and destroy birth records, etc, which leaves no trace of the victims. Its like they never excisted.

Special tourist buses ferry paedophilles direct from Manila to Angeles. Not one person has ever been convicted from the gangs of criminal activity. At election time the gangs intimidate the poor local Filipno people, telling and threatening them to vote for polititions who support the gangs.... Article by Susan Bryce, Angeles Human Rights Watch, Angeles Child Rescue, Concerned Citizens Of Angeles.