Americans United Against Illegal Immigration

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    President George W. Bush, U.S. Congress, & U.S. Senate
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We, the lawful citizens of the United States of America, hereby demand that our elected representatives begin working on our behalf to enforce the existing laws on illegal immigration, as well as making our borders impenetrable.

Many arguments are being made attempting to show us some positive aspects of ignoring the presence of illegal aliens in our nation. The facts are that illegal aliens are very damaging to our economy and our nations stability. Emergency rooms of many hospitals near the Southern border are being forced to turn our own citizens away or even shut down completely because non-paying illegal aliens are benefiting from the use of hospitals without making payment or holding insurance to cover the expense. Colleges are accepting illegal aliens with in-state tuition while American citizens are forced to pay a higher tuition rate and in some cases, are not being accepted to the colleges and universities because they do not help the institution meet a ridiculous quota.

Aside from the enormous bill left for Americans to pay for these illegal aliens, a far worse price is bring paid, which is Americas heritage. American citizens are proud of our nations history and traditions. We are by far the most patriotic nation in the world. Its easy to understand why people from other nations would want to join us as citizens in the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world, however that is where a problem lies. While most legal immigrants are very proud of their status as an American citizen and will work to assimilate by learning the English language and will respect our way of life, most illegal aliens have no interest in truly becoming American. Sadly, they are being accommodated by the politically-correct segment of the population. We see this everywhere from ATMs to government literature. This creates another unnecessary and wasteful expense to the taxpayers of America. Illegal aliens do not pay taxes, theyre receiving this special treatment that inconveniences and even offends many rightful Americans as a reward to them for breaking the law. As we see with the protests they are holding all over the nation, they do not want to join us, they want to take over our nation! While the United States has always been a melting pot for people from all over the planet, we have developed unique American traditions in the 230 years of our existence as a sovereign nation. We, the legal Americans citizens are demanding that our sovereignty be maintained!

Americans do not wish to restrict legal immigrants from entering the nation. We simply wish for enforcement of existing immigration laws and a solution for the great number of illegal aliens, the criminals who have been invading our nation for many years. They do not respect our laws, whether they are the immigration laws, employment laws, tax codes or criminal laws. Since its obvious they do not respect our laws regarding immigration, we cannot trust them to obey any other laws!

They have no rights under our Constitution and the citizens of the United States are standing together to insure that our voice is heard on this matter. We do NOT support amnesty in any form. We do NOT support in-state tuition for these invaders, while our own citizens cannot have the same luxury as American citizens within their own nation! We are tired of paying for their medical bills & supporting them on welfare, when a lot of our own citizens dont qualify for that same support in their times of need. We are tired of the current catch and release policy which offers no more than a slap on the wrist of these criminals when caught.

We are standing together DEMANDING that our elected officials take swift action on this matter, your political careers depend on it. We stand together and support REAL action being taken in this matter. We support volunteer organizations like the Minuteman Project, who have been working on our behalf, even facing obstacles placed on them by the very officials we've elected to protect our interests. You have given us no choice, we will be researching and sharing your vote histories on this issue and holding you accountable for your actions and inaction. We DEMAND that you support our existing laws on immigration & enforce them to the fullest, as well as tightening our borders and building the fences needed to secure our borders!

November is an opportunity for the citizens of the United States to replace the representatives who we are not satisfied with. It is not only our right but its our RESPONSIBILITY to ensure we have an effective government. This petition is your notice that the leftist mainstream media will NOT help you. They each receive one vote, just as we do. However, we have more voters than the newspaper and news organizations do and we are not afraid to vote you out of office. The media outlets may provide you with an ego boost, but the voters of the United States will provide you with a job! If you are unable or unwilling to do that job, we can and will find someone who can. Putting an end to this disrespect of our immigration laws is not a political issue, its a matter of national security and of the survival of the United States of America as a nation. The citizens are united, will you join us?

May God bless America with elected officials who will!