Community Action WORKS! - Save CSBG

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    President Obama
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Dear Mr. President,

Community Action Works for ME!

Keep Community Action Programs working! If Community Action Programs disappear, workforce training, education, fuel assistance, Head Start and other services will be in jeopardy. Then families will have no place to turn for help in securing economic independence.

This year, Community Action has:

- Served 20.7 million people nationwide

- Enabled employment for 3.8 million people

- Improved child and family development for 3.6 million people through programs such as Head Start

- Helped 15.7 million people obtain emergency assistance through programs such as food pantries and fuel assistance

- Increased assets and financial literacy for 1.1 million people through programs such as EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) and IDA (Individual Development Accounts)

- Worked for me!

Keep it going in my community!