Inadequate Medical Care

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    Mike Huckabee Governor of Arkansas
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Knowing that you have the capacity to save human lives and end needless suffering, WILL YOU CHOOSE TO? Why would any human being choose to stand by and look the other way when illness and disease afflicts and consumes another human being?

Despite repeated sick call requests and filed grievances, prison officials have exhibited a blatant disregard for a prisoner's welfare. John Caldwell and many others have curable illnesses that are being left to fester and become life-threatening. How can adequate medical care allow vision loss, the growth and spread of tumors, and ongoing intestinal bleeding? To say the least, where is the humanity Governor Huckabee?

A mockery to the United States Constitution, prison officials also take measures to stifle medical pleas by prisoners as well as prisoner advocates. We the undersigned are bringing this prevalent injustice by prison officials to your attention. Their unwarranted hostility, and medical indifference must cease.

After all, Governor Huckabee, this is the United States of America. Being a prisoner or an advocate for prisoner rights should not negate ones' constitutional rights. We expect you and your administration to make a difference by not condoning the infliction of human suffering and misery. Permit John Caldwell and others like him to receive their critically needed medical care.