Have a Heart, PETsMART, Stop Live Animal Sales.

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This petition for PETsMART to stop selling live animals is in response to the death of yet another recently purchased pet and is not a call for a boycott, but a promise of support if this ethical policy is adopted.

Petsmart Inc
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Phoenix, AZ 85027
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Nick Saint-Erne, DVM
Quality Assurance Manager

[email protected]

Dear Dr. Nick Saint-Erne,

We the undersigned are requesting that PETsMART stop selling live animals. It has been made apparent by the death of yet another recently purchased pet (a PETsMART guinea pig) that it is impossible to ensure all PETsMART stores, their employees, and the suppliers that the stores purchase their stock from maintain the minimum acceptable standards of care required for animals in their care.

Too frequently, sick animals are being sold to the unsuspecting public. The policy of replacement, although reasonable with inanimate objects, does not work with living creatures. To return a sick animal for a replacement requires a detachment not likely to be found in someone, often a child, who already regards the ill pet as a member of their family.

No doubt PETsMART veterinarians are qualified to deal with dogs and cats, but do they have the special training and experience required to deal with exotics such as guinea pigs? In cases involving exotic animals this inexperience commonly results in delayed medical treatment and high costs for new owners when they finally turn to a vet trained to deal with their animal. Heartbreak is often the final outcome for these pet owners.

Unfortunately these customers associate PETsMART with grief and emotional pain, not with great prices and a wide selection. The loss of goodwill has a monetary value.

We commend you on the PETsMART Charities' Adoption Centers program you have already instituted that exposes shelter animals to the public, and are delighted to have the information from corporate headquarters that "Petsmart and its employees founded and fund the largest single charitable trust in the world with the exclusive mission of ending the euthanasia of some wonderful animals." These are welcomed first steps. We are asking you to take the next step toward community leadership in the humane stewardship of animals.

Live pets are a loss leader. It is the accessories such as cages, toys, bedding and food that bring in the profits and ensure return visits and goodwill from your customers. Please be a trendsetter in the ethical treatment of live animals and stop selling them.

You will have the full and unequivocal support of the undersigned if you meet this challenge