$5.00 Low Income Spay/Neuter Vouchers for Sacramento

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    Sacramento City Government Officials & Directors of the Sacramento City Shelter
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    Sacramento County & City Residents, Organizations & Businesses
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To comply with California Humane Legislation (Food & Agricultural Code 30503
and 31751)
regarding spay/neuter deposits and their mandatory usage, we urge the
Sacramento city shelter to use the accumulated spay/neuter deposits
for a $5.00 low income spay/neuter voucher program. These vouchers
would be redeemed at participating vets, who have contracted to
provide this service at a greatly reduced cost (i.e., the current
vets under contract with the shelter for spay/neuter.) The $5.00
would be paid directly to the vet. The city would be billed for the remainder.

The model for this program would be the highly successful existing
program in Santa Clara County. (The city of
is a participant.) Additionally, we support the following variances from the Santa Clara County program:

1. No feral cats as long as the California Veterinary Medical
Association (CVMA) Feral
Cat Altering Program
is in place.

2. No Medi-Cal patients' cats or dogs, as long as the CVMA
Low-Income Owner/Caregiver Cat and Dog
Altering Program
is in place. (The CVMA dog component is scheduled to begin July 1, 2001.)

3. Only low income persons would qualify in the initial three years
of the program. (No proof of financial status would be needed. Like the Oakland SPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic's free low income program, only a sworn statement of low income status would be required.)

The Santa Clara County government funded program, spending only
$30,000.00 annually on its $5.00 spay/neuter voucher program, estimates that it has saved approximately 1.7 million dollars over the last five years due to the great reduction (around 10\%) in incoming cats alone to its shelters.

Therefore, we, the undersigned residents, businesses and
organizations of Sacramento County, strongly recommend that you
consider utilizing your current accumulated spay/neuter deposits for
direct payment to veterinarians for discounted spay/neuter surgeries
on cats and dogs whose caregivers, residing in the City of Sacramento
or Sacramento County, are poverty stricken.