New Staff for The Wicker Park Post Office (60622)

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    Residents of Chicago, IL or non residents who have been affected by this poor and unreliable postal system
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Request for a complete overhaul of The Wicker Park Post Office (60622) including a demand for new customer service staff as well as management and supervisors. This Post Office is a disgrace to the community and citizens of Wicker Park, Chicago, IL. The staff is rude, lazy, incompetent and disrespectful to its customers. Nothing short of firing everyone who works in customer service and management there will do. This post office is responsible for countless stolen and missing mail, the employees remove and hide their employee identification badges when asked for their names by customers, the counters are consistently under staffed creating excessive waiting periods (even for post office standards) and management is incompetent and unable to handle the tasks of their positions. The workers complain about their jobs and argue with other employees as well as with customers with no discretion or proper communication skills. This place is quite frankly, a mess. For the citizens of this community, an immediate change and complete overhaul is a must.