Call to Have Disney Recognize Paul 'Bear' Vasquez

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    The Walt Disney Company
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We, the Undersigned, implore The Walt Disney Company ('TWDC') to recognize the efforts of Paul 'Bear' Vasquez of Yosemite Valley, California whose 'Giant Double Rainbow' video quickly became one of the largest internet and global sensations of all time and went on to inspire the hearts and minds of millions worldwide.

According to Bear, a Disney fan himself, TWDC created their 'Double Rainbow' marketing viral video for their upcoming film Tangled without any form of consent or acknowledgment.

We, the undersigned, do strongly believe that TWDC, who is clearly profiting off of Bear's video, make good in recognizing Bear for his efforts and provide him with the recognition and compensation he is seeking - not money, but with a vacation to the Disneyland Resort. Furthermore we recommend that Bear be recognized above and beyond with just a simple 'all expenses paid' vacation to the Disneyland Resort and: at a minimum, recognize Bear and his family with an in-park parade as position of Grand Marshall and; at a maximum, treat Bear and his family to a trip across all Disney Parks worldwide so that he may chance the opportunity to see a double rainbow in three additional countries.

We are here to change the world.