Removal of Signs which Prohibit Possession of Weapons

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    John Campbell
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We the undersigned kindly request that the signs which read, Possession of any firearm or other weapon is prohibited at (name of property), which are located on the Village properties, be removed or be changed in such a manner that an individual who possesses a concealed weapons permit may carry a firearm or other weapon on those properties for the lawful purpose of self-defense.

Criminals do not obey signs and they know that these properties are perfect places to commit crimes because no one else, including those who possess concealed weapons permits, is armed. The signs mark shoppers as easy targets by announcing to would-be criminals that they would be met with no real resistance.

Those who have obtained concealed weapons permits, especially those in the state of Arizona, have been well trained. Arizona has strict requirements in order for someone to be issued a permit. The individual must (1) complete a 16-hour training course in which he or she must (2) pass a written exam which includes gun safety and firearms laws and (3) pass a shooting test. That person must then (4) submit fingerprints to the FBI for a criminal background check. Once the background check is completed and it has been found that the individual has no criminal history then, and only then, will a permit be issued.

This request specifically addresses the following properties: Village Center, Village Crossroads, Village Fair, Village Plaza, Village Square I, Village Square II. There were several businesses on these properties that have already vacated.

In light of this information please remove or change these signs as requested above.