6 hour day, 3 day weekend, and 6 weeks vacation

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    United Nations
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    6hourday.org, Richmond Knights of Labor
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We, the undersigned, ask world governments of the United Nations to make a decision in favor of working people. Please protect the dignity and human rights of all workers throughout the world by limiting the time a person may be employed by another for profit.

We demand an international law limiting the hours of labor to 24 hours per week, either by 3 eight-hour days or 4 six-hour days, as to be determined by local unions. Reductions in the work week are also long overdue, therefore we further demand workers should be granted at minimum, one additional day off per week, or rather "the 3 day weekend." And finally, the third goal of this petition is to ask that employers be required to give employees 6 weeks paid vacation annually.

The above demands should be adopted and implemented as soon as possible.