Bring 7-Eleven Back To Houston

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7-Eleven Corporation,

We the undersigned believe that you are missing a very large opportunity not having any stores in the city of Houston, Texas. 7-Eleven was founded in Dallas, Texas, and has over 10,000 stores worldwide. Why are there no stores in Houston? At one time there were stores here, but they left. Since your departure, the citizens of Houston have been without a convience store to serve their needs, as there are only small, privately owned ones, and very few chain stores, such as Diamond Shamrock's "Corner Stores" and Exxon's "Tiger Marts", however these stores are not sufficent. We feel that 7-Eleven has the best opportunity to become the leading convience store in Houston, just as you have internationally. We do not understand why there are stores in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, but none in Houston or the surrounding communities. In fact, the closest store is 103 miles away in Smithville. While we do enjoy your quality products and services, that is a bit too far to travel. Therefore, we suggest the re-introduction of 7-Eleven convience stores to the city of Houston. This move would help both parties involved, 7-Eleven Corporation would expand greatly, and it would help the economy of Houston a great deal as many business deals could come out of this move. We believe it would be a win-win situation for both the 7-Eleven Corporation, and the city of Houston.