Repeal Amarillo City Ordinance of Hands-Free Only Use Cell Phone Ban (sub. 7271)

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    Robert D Taliaferro
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    [email protected]
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    Individual in concert with others against restricted cell phone ban
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The undersigned registered voters of Amarillo, Texas who voted in the last election do hereby reject and effect cause to repeal the City Ordinance concerning the "Hands-free only use of cell phones within the City Limits of the City of Amarillo." We reject the action of the City Council and revised cell phone ordinance. We concur and thus voluntarily agree to support the ban against texting while driving while not relinquishing our right to Freedom of Speech, inter and intra state commerce, and other Constitutional guaranteed rights and liberties. We believe "The Ordinance" to be discriminatory, an invasion of intimacy and personal rights to freedom of speech, an obstacle to successful economic growth in commerce both in and out of state, detrimental to the well-being of family, friends, business, and intrusive and oppressive government interference into our private lives. Let it be know the signers of this petition hereby demand repeal of the Ordinance by the governing body of the City of Amarillo, further If the City refuses to repeal the restrictive cell phone ban, Be it resolved and let it be known: the intent of the undersigned is for the City of Amarillo to place "The Ordinance" on public ballot as a binding foundational referendum item to be voted upon by the registered voters of Amarillo, Texas at the upcoming 2012 November election.