Gamers Worldwide Against Uwe Bowl

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    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
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    Gamers of the world
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Theres a time when people who share a commom love must stand united, I have been a gamer since the times of the atari 2600, Im also am a big movie fan, these are two of the things that I love the most, and I know a lot of people feel like this. This is a call for all those who feel like this, cause theres an evil force at work, a nefarious individual whose sole purpose in life is to ruin these two things I mentioned earlier, he is a force driven by madness and spite for all that is beautiful and fun, this force is called UWE BOWL.

This petition stand for the following: to forever ban Uwe Bowl from stepping in a movie set again, for him to pay indemnization fees to all gamers worldwide for all the mental stress he has put us through by obliterating fond memories of our beloved games, to publically apologize for being the reason that movies about games will never be taken seriously, and finally for him to spend all the ill goten earnings he has made from directing game movies in the funding of a WoW movie wich he will have nothing to do with, and that he somehow must convince Peter Jackson to direct. ( a system shock movie could do too).