Punish the vandals not the victims, end Graffiti in San Antonio.

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    San Antonio City Council
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This week the news has come out that the San Antonio City Council is reviewing an idea of victimizing victims of graffiti. I thought victims were victims and the criminal was to be held accountable?

We believe that responsibility of graffiti should lie with the vandal and the vandal's parents. Simply, parents should have control of their children and should be monitoring them and be aware of what their children are doing. Until the child turns the age of 18, parents are responsible. Therefore, I propose the following:

On the weekends for a period of one month, the vandal along with the vandals parents, unless the vandal is over 18, will remove graffiti from the city of San Antonio.

$1000.00 fine, for the vandals parents or if over 18 for the vandal themselves.

Only when you put strict fines and punishment on both parents and youth will they begin to respect the law, teach their children right from wrong and to respect other peoples property.