Boycott of Ubisoft DRM

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    Ubisoft Entertainment S. A.
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To: Ubisoft Entertainment S.A.

We hereby boycott all ubisoft products until such time that the DRM implemented by Ubisoft for PC is changed to allow offline play. The current system requires a constant connection through to internet between the customers PC and Ubisofts servers.

At the time this petition was created, Ubisofts servers are the target of a DDoS attack, according to Ubisoft, and some people are not being allowed to play their games because of it. This is a problem that is outside of the users control or responibility.

Quite plainly, this is wrong and end users should not be barred from using the product they payed for because of a problem that is out of their control and responsibility. Until this funtion is removed from the DRM and users are allowed access to their product regardless of the condition of Ubisofts servers, we will boycott all ubisoft products, including those avaiable for consoles such as the Xbox 360, PS3, etc.