Closed Captioning in Movie Theaters Now!

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I am a normal person that likes to watch TV and go to movies at the movie theater. However, I am also hard of hearing or deaf, or support the hard of hearing and deaf.. The deaf and hard of hearing need or prefer closed captioning in the movie theater and on all TV shows, including commercials, to fully understand everything that is going on.

When I say closed captioning, I mean good closed captioning. The kind that I have 100\% satisfaction with. We need to get this rolling.

Some movie theaters have certain showings once a week with closed captioning. The closest movie theater to me with this feature is over an hour away, and I'm sure it is the same for many people across the United States. I am sick of having to wait until it is out on DVD to watch the movie, just because of closed captioning.

ADA requires that everyone has equal access and opportunity. With this said, we (the deaf and hard of hearing) require the United States Representatives to put more effort into making all movie theaters in the United States deaf accessible.

Thank you and please sign the petition if you agree.