Dogwood Stoplight

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    Washington County Board of Commissioners
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Petition to the Washington County Board of Commissioners

We, the undersigned, are citizens of unincorporated Washington County and/or residents, workers, shoppers, or travelers in the Cedar Mill area. We join together to request the Washington County Board of Commissioners to direct the Land Use and Transportation Department to include a full four-way traffic signal with pedestrian crossing (stoplight) at the intersection of NW Dogwood Street and NW Saltzman Road as part of the current Saltzman Road Improvement Project.

This stoplight will greatly increase the safety of pedestrian and auto traffic. It will facilitate commercial and public use of the adjacent properties, including St. Pius X and Christ United Methodist churches, St. Pius School and CUMC Preschool, the Cedar Mill Community Library, and the businesses in adjacent shopping centers. It will help to handle increased traffic caused by the closure of the southern Saltzman entrance to the Milltowner Center on the northeast corner of Cornell/Saltzman. It is called for in the Town Center plan.

Current plans for the Saltzman project do not include a stoplight at this intersection. Providing the stoplight now makes sense for the above reasons and we ask the Washington County Board of Commissioners to support it.