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    To: Supreme Court, State Governors, State and Federal Prisons, Human Rights Groups, Amnesty International, Religious Leaders, Abolishment Groups, Citizens and Taxpayers of USA, All concerned people worldwide
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To: Supreme Court, State Governors, State and Federal Prisons, Human Rights Groups, Amnesty International, Religious Leaders, Abolishment Groups, Citizens and Taxpayers of USA, All concerned people worldwide

This petition is to urge the Governor of Ohio, Bob Taft et,al. prompt an investigation in to the mayhem, and glaring evidence of the attempts at murder, on my life during my prison tenure 1995-2003. and two others, by ODRC, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections Staff.
Additionally, certified letters, sent to Governor, Bob Taft. Citing, A staff member stated emphatically. in front of me,and several inmate witnesses. He knows for a fact, staff in these institutions [Ohio] are murdering inmates! Moreover, included in that certification, was a letter from. Lori Commins US Marshal. formerly of Columbus, Ohio. Her directive to me, contact the FBI. after she viewed incriminating evidence I sent her consisting of a ruse letter, composed on the courts letter head. by,Chief Deputy Clerk , Janis E. Yates. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Cincinnati, Ohio. Where she alleged returning" what look like blood" the laced medication, and 15 page motions. Notwithstanding attached to the bag of laced medication. Was a clear, concise explanation, as to the bags (*direct evidence) content. leaving no room for speculation.
However, post my release from prison, 2003. I was to discover the foregoing court has no record of receiving the *laced medication, and 15 Motions. Atypical of Administrative Regulations. during my priosn tenure, my original documents were never returned to me, nor was I required to sign for them by prison staff. And even more perplexedly, the direct evidence disappeared. SOCF'S, Sgt. Mc. Graw. (female) and Larry Greene have equivocated, as to the direct evidence whereabouts. Evidence which should have been sent to a lab for testing.

view this journal site for evidence, certification receipts to the Governor, president of USA; FBI, et,al. Detailing the flagrant corruption, including murder. in the state of Ohio. quite possibly throughout the nation. Or, Or, click on, MURDERING OF INMATES IN OHIO'S PRISONS, BY STAFF.PART I.

Mr. P Kelly. On 10/01/04. Signed for a certification letter to the Governor Of Ohio., Bob Taft.with the foregoing denouncements. However, no response was received to date 8/16/06. Another letter to Governor Taft. Dated 8/26/04. with a letter copy inside, dated 8/14/02. This letter was mailed during my prison tenure. recounting the attempts at murder,and mayhem. On myself, and other inmates.
These letters were not responded to. Contraindications provide, the 8/14/02. letter to the Governor. mailed from Lucasvilles SOCF Southern Ohio Corrections Facility.never left the institution. Additionally, several FBI offices in the state of Ohio. have failed to respond to these serious allegations. a clear an flagrant violation of our 8th, and 14th. et, al. Amendment rights.

Perplexedly,Ohio State Representative, Joseph Koziura. Secretary's, on two separate occasions alleged. Joseph Koziura stated, he sent my evidence in my journal (noted,in the foregoing URL'S) to the FED"s in Washington, D.C. Nearly two years ago. No response to date.

We the under signed, demand a full investigation to the allegations of attempts/ possible murders of inmates by prison staff. in the prisons in the Ohio, and other states that provide evidence of the same nature.

Which should eventuate to the arrest of. Mona Parks, Medical Administrator; Nancy Farney, Physicians Assistant; Mary Sandford, nurse. et,al. all of, SOCF'S Maximum Security prison.Lucasville, Ohio. Staff members I caught attempting to murder me,by the lacing of my medication subsequenting medically confirmed heart damage.Three unbidden trips to cardiology were scheduled, I refused to go. Notwithstanding experiencing acute heart pain. But to go would have been pure folly, helping medical staff build a medical heart condition that didn't exist. Had they succeeded in murdering me. They would have proof, via medical records. Medical staff had ostensibly, been availing me. You see, I never told medical staff named herein, nor a physician. I was experiencing a heart attack. So how did they know to set up those trips to Cardiology?

Medical contraindication provide,I didn't have a heart problem prior to going to prison. According to. Paul Evans, He and. John Peters. inmates who had been in SOCF. suffered heart conditions with the same symptoms,post arriving at SOCF. Conditions which mitigated post leaving SOCF.
You the public must know some of these inmates subjected to the mayhem and torture as I was, some even worse,some deceased. Is evoke by what Administrative, corrections staff et,al. And when they are released back into society, they turn on the innocent public for retribution. One man threatened to target a bus load of children. By reason the publics lackadaisical attitude toward the haynes torture, mayhem, viewing inmate friends and associates being murdered by staff, and covered up. Is too much for anyone to endure. complete power corrupts. I urge to to avail in the eradication of this flagrant corruption in our prisons in America. by signing below..Thank you in advance for anticipated cooperation.